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3 Week App

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3 Week App: Overview:


The goal of the 3 week app is to both give you a chance to learn Windows Phone and explore the world of learning applications.


For this assignment:

1.) Research some kind of learning application that you want to model your WP application after. Research its strengths, weaknesses, and areas of available improvement for class on Wednesday, Sept. 14th.

2.) In class on Wednesday, Sept. 14th, we'll sign up for application ideas to build. The focus should be on creation, not drilling (no flash cards, memorization, etc.)

3.) A functionality complete mobile learning app is due October 3rd. It doesn't have to be beautiful, but it should illustrate your idea and its value for a mobile learning app.


We look forward to hearing and seeing your ideas!


NOTE: A few students will be working on the DB instead of on 3 week apps. We already have enough students for that role, but thanks for your interest! Come Wednesday, I'll announce who will be working with me on the DB portion of the project, but please bring in some research/ an app idea even if we have already talked.


Student 3 Week Apps:

Untitled Math App

Cursive Coach

Untitled Concept Map App

Word Matcher



Please create new pages* beneath this for your 3 Week Apps. Your page should be titled according to the title/function of your app and should contain a description of your application, your envisioned applications in the classroom, competitors with your application and how you differ, and any screenshots or video captures of the application.


*To create a new page: Go to the EDIT window, left click where you want the page to be shown, then select "Add Link" from the edit toolbar. Typing a name will create a page by that name for you (if that pages doesn't already exist). You can then go to that page and insert your content.



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I thought it could be any platform, not just WP?

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