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Getting started


  • For a quick, free introduction to Objective C and Cocoa, check out The Apple Obj C Primer and What is Cocoa 
  • Document to help get you started after you look into Objective-C: iPhone 101 - Your first iOS application
  • Apple documentation: iOS Dev Center with all the guides and reference you need. Also download Xcode and the iPhone SDK here
  • Xcode 4 is free for users of Lion, but users of Snow Leopard will have to download the latest version of Xcode 3 or pay $100 for a developer account
  • Apple's videos from WWDC (worldwide developers conference)
  • I highly recommend checking out the stanford CS193P iPhone Programming class with iTunes U videos. You can easily find help for the assignments online.




iPhone Photoshop UI Template if you want to do any UI mock-ups

Installing apps on your own iOS device


iPhone Development Tutorial Lecture Slides from Fall 2011

Slide link

Source code link

Video Recording Link


iPhone Development Tutorial Lecture Slides from Winter 2011


Video Recording Link


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