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Group Pages W2022 Section 2

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Please create a page for your group and application, using the following template: Example App. All presentations, artifacts, etc. will be posted to the page you create to receive credit.


You will need to create a group name that will also be used as a mailing list. Go to http://directory.umich.edu and register a mailing list with all of your group members. This will be our primary method of communication with your group.


Please post under the appropriate category (you may move categories at a later date if necessary) below, and please use the following format on this page

(to see an example, please visit: http://tinyurl.com/ycjow5mt):

  • PROJECT_name: Short description of the application
    • <TEAM_NAME@umich.edu> = Group Member 1, Group Member 2, Group Member 3  







  • MaizExchange: Buying and selling application for University of Michigan students 
    • maizexchange@umich.edu = Aidan Haase, Elizabeth Bott, Holly Stauffer, Joel Rummel 





Web App:

  • Spotlight: A hub for Michigan students to discover and share university resources, opportunities, and events.
  • FoodFinder: Recommendations for food options based on search
  • RateMyCourses: Website similar to RateMyProfessor but for courses
    • ratemycourses@umich.edu = Anthony Ke, Belany Zhang, Nicole Xie, Solomon Song 
  • MealFriends: Website to record meal choices by people, and give recommendations.
    • mealfriends441@umich.edu = John Bolt, Camilla Munaco, Connor Curley 



(Google Assistant Add-On Action):


(Alexa Skill): 


(Chrome Extension):  

  • myPassword: Chrome extension that helps create secure passwords that are easy to remember 
    • mypassword@umich.edu = Laila Schiemann, Sam Oleari, Wes Hobson 
  • Ingredi-List: Chrome extension to convert public online recipes into a grocery list
    • ingredi-list@umich.edu = Anusha Bohra, Cameron Oglesby, Kyle Floersch, Jonah Azoulay 
  • StayFocused: Chrome extension to keep students focused while working
    • stayfocused@umich.edu = Hantao Hong, James Vidano, Qiang Chen
  • UnsubMe: Chrome extension for unsubscribing from unwanted mailing lists & subscriptions
    • UnsubMe441@umich.edu = Jacob Abraham, Justin Long, Yan Sun, Thomas Ju
  • NFTnodez: Chrome extentsion to verifiy latest NFT drop website link
    • NFT-nodez@umich.edu = Abdelrahman Abdelmoneim, Pedro Madriz-Zepeda,  Devon Roy Doyle









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