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Group Pages W2022 Section 1

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Please create a page for your group and application, using the following template: Example App. All presentations, artifacts, etc. will be posted to the page you create to receive credit.


You will need to create a group name that will also be used as a mailing list. Go to http://directory.umich.edu and register a mailing list with all of your group members. This will be our primary method of communication with your group.


Please post under the appropriate category (you may move categories at a later date if necessary) below, and please use the following format on this page

(to see an example, please visit: http://tinyurl.com/ycjow5mt):

  • PROJECT_name: Short description of the application
    • <TEAM_NAME@umich.edu> = Group Member 1, Group Member 2, Group Member 3  



CheapGas - a personalized app that allows users to find the cheapest and preferred gas stations based on location and time

CheapGas441@umich.edu - Jevon Jajonie, William Hsiao, Sim Yi Lin


BagIt - a grocery app that creates the shortest route to get your groceries, and generates recipes for the week based on your purchases

teambagit@umich.edu - Robert Xu, Kiara Tanojo, Ananya Joshi


RoomFinder - A room finder app which helps students and professionals quickly find classrooms, restrooms, and exits within a building.

room-finder@umich.edu - Alex House, Amber Huo, Doneen Hesse, Kyle Shum


Survivor Speak - an app to help local citizens solve the problem of holding authorities accountable

RoomMeApp@umich.edu - Siddharth Pillai, Yatharth Chhabra, Artemis Siavelis



green-thumb: An app to help care for plants

green-thumb@umich.edu = Andrew Schultz, Ashka Pujara, Emma Luukkonen, Shankari Ravithas





Web App:


Resolution - Tracking and viewing progress towards the development of goals and healthier daily habits

resolution@umich.edu - Hubert (Jacob) Jo, Kyle Sun, Spencer Liu


WePod - Crowd source solution to skipping podcast ads

wepod-441@umich.edu - Spencer Stock, Jacob Rockwell, Munnawn Gill


DungeonFinder - Group finder app for TTRPGs and board games.

DungeonFinder@umich.edu - Seyhyun Yang, Robert Gibbons, Tyler Brandt


Athens - Group forums for academically inclined individuals

athens-app@umich.edu - Hasan Saeed, Justin Hutchins, Mohamed Hamidi


PlayPal - Our team, Play Pal, is developing an app that helps gamers get the most out of their current libraries while introducing them to potential exciting additions across multiple platforms through predictive analytics on user habits.

441sportsfans@umich.edu - Justin Wallman, Ethan Aziz, Matthew Hilpert


SCRPR - Helping you gather data on NFT projects and influencers

scrpr-441@umich.edu - William Zhang Sam, Jonah Perna, Michael Gentile, Amin Tonmoy



(Google Assistant Add-On Action):


(Alexa Skill): 


Loud Lines - An Alexa skill that allows for querying of sports gambling lines.

loud-lines@umich.edu - Benjamin Feldstein, William George, Adam Kim


(Chrome Extension):  


Evergreen - a chrome extension to auto fill common forms with your info.

evergreen@umich.edu = Cavun Beck, Nikhil Shah, Lingxiao Guan


SmartCalendar  - extension that will give you notifications from your calendar

smartcalendar@umich.edu - Dylan Kalten, Manav Bhatia, Sergio Castaneda



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