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441 Winter 2022

Page history last edited by Cathie Norris 1 year, 11 months ago

Welcome to the Wiki for EECS 441 Winter 2022.


Professor: Elliot Soloway - soloway441@gmail.com


1. To edit this wiki, just click the edit button at the top of any page.  As you'll be adding presentations and projects to this wiki so everyone can see your work, and so that the instructional staff can grade it. If you do not post your work to this wiki, it will not receive a grade. 


NOTE: the items in BLUE/BOLD are newly posted


2. Important Links:

Wiki: https://tinyurl.com/441winter2022wiki

Syllabus: 441winter2022 Syllabus V4.pdf

Class Schedule: 441winter2022 Class Schedule v14.pdf  posted 3/25/22 1:40pm

Piazza URL:

Daily Participation Spreadsheet


Leave of Absence Form: tinyurl.com/441winter2022absence


BEFORE Class on April 15 -  Please upload your Team's Presentation #5

Section 1


Section 2




BEFORE CLASS, Please Upload Your Company Analysis Presentations


Google Folder for Student Work:

Videos of the Class  

Examples of Good Company Analysis Reports Slides




3. Forms for Each Section: 


4. Team Numbers and Emails

Section 1

Group # App Name Team Email Address Team Members
1 CheapGas CheapGas441@umich.edu Jevon Jajonie, William Hsiao, Sim Yi Lin

BagIt  teambagit@umich.edu
Robert Xu, Kiara Tanojo, Ananya Joshi
3 RoomFinder room-finder@umich.edu  Alex House, Amber Huo, Doneen Hesse, Kyle Shum
4 green-thumb
green-thumb@umich.edu Andrew Schultz, Ashka Pujara,Emma Luukkonen, Shankari Ravithas
5 Resolution resolution@umich.edu Hubert (Jacob) Jo, Kyle Sun, Spencer Liu
6 WePod wepod-441@umich.edu Spencer Stock, Jacob Rockwell, Munnawn Gill
7 DungeonFinder  DungeonFinder@umich.edu Seyhyun Yang, Robert Gibbons, Tyler Brandt
8 Athens  athens-app@umich.edu  Hasan Saeed, Justin Hutchins, Mohamed Hamidi
9 PlayPal  441sportsfans@umich.edu Justin Wallman, Ethan Aziz, Matthew Hilpert
10 Survivor Speak RoomMeApp@umich.edu Siddharth Pillai, Yatharth Chhabra, Artemis Siavelis
11 Loud Lines  loud-lines@umich.edu Benjamin Feldstein, William George, Adam Kim
12 Evergreen  evergreen@umich.edu Cavun Beck, Nikhil Shah, Lingxiao Guan
13 SmartCalendar smartcalendar@umich.edu Dylan Kalten, Manav Bhatia, Sergio Castaneda
14 Srcpr scrpr-441@umich.edu  William Zhang Sam, Jonah Perna, Michael Gentile, Amin Tonmoy 


Section 2

Group # App Name Team Email Address Team Members


Mohamed Darwiche, Kevin Beallis, Evan Nyquist 
2 MaizExchange
maizexchange@umich.edu Aidan Haase, Elizabeth Bott, Holly Stauffer, Joel Rummel
3 Michigan Yellow Pages tribe-app@umich.edu Dustin Brown, Pratik Goswami, Faiz Haider 
4 FoodFinder foodfinder441@umich.edu  Samuel Yuan, Caroleen Chang, Tyler Wei 
5 RateMyCourses ratemycourses@umich.edu Anthony Ke, Belany Zhang, Nicole Xie, Solomon Song 
6 NFTnodez NFT-nodez@umich.edu Abdelrahman Abdelmoneim, Pedro Madriz-Zepeda,  Devon Roy Doyle
7 MealFriends mealfriends@umich.edu Camilla Munaco, Connor Curley 
8 myPassword mypassword@umich.edu Laila Schiemann, Sam Oleari, Wes Hobson
9 Ingredi-list ingredi-list@umich.edu Anusha Bohra, Cameron Oglesby, Kyle Floersch, Jonah Azoulay
10 StayFocused stayfocused@umich.edu  Hantao Hong, James Vidano, Qiang Chen
11 UnsubMe unsubme441@umich.edu Jacob Abraham, Justin Long, Yan Sun, Thomas Ju


5. Assignments:



Esha B - Company Preso - BigBasket.pdf

Examples of BAD Slides.pdf


jbrelje Snap Inc.pdf

ofo wenyiwu 441.pdf






6. Readings:

Due 1/10/22

nytimes.com-The Tech That Will Invade Our Lives in 2022.pdf

nytimes.com-What We Got Wrong About Tech.pdf

Due 1/12/22




Due on 1/14/22

441winter2022 Assignment #1- In Class - Flesh out One Sentence Pitch.pdf

Due on 1/24 - PERSONA - Prepare for Tom Meloche's INTERACTIVE Presentation 


Due on 1/24 - MVP Readings

1 MVP video by Steve Blank v2.pdf

2 How to set up a Minimum Viable Product.pdf



Due on 2/18: Innovator's Dilemma

innovators_dilemma chapter one.pdf

Due on 2/21


Jessie Cheimets

Infographic:weve-CTO Jessie Cheimets.pdf

Due on 2/23


Jen Baird, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire! 

Read 1 blog by Baird … from each of these two categories:

Product Development


Pick a third blog yourself!

Due on March 9

why software is eating the world marc andreessen.pdf

2 A look inside the insanely successful life of investor Marc Andreessen - Business Insider (2).pdf

Due March 21

1 50 Years of Morre's Law - VIdeo + Graph.pdf

2 NYTIMES opinion_thomas-friedman-moor.pdf

3 Transistors Could Stop Shrinking in 2021.pdf

Due March 30, Wed: Mythical-Man Month by Fred Brooks

Preface +Ch 1 2 from Brooks 1975 The Mythical Man-month.pdf

Due April 4, Monday: Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore

Reading1 - Crossing-The-Chasm Preface Intro CH1.pdf

Due April 11th, Monday - Quantum Computers!!



Mythical-Man Month, Fred Brooks Jr., Second Edition


Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore

Crossing-The-Chasm WHOLEBOOK.pdf


NFT Readings: 






7. What you need to do on this Wiki (Class Rules are from the Syllabus)

  • Class Rule 5: Every team will post their project info at the appropriate URL – see above. Go to that URL, click “edit” and it will say you need to request permission to edit – so, quick and request it. You will be granted permission within 24 hours. Probably.  
  • Class Rule 6: Create a page for your group/app on the wiki. Link that page to the info in "Group Pages"
  • Class Rule 7: Before the day of your company presentation, embed your presentation slides on the respective company presentation slides page.









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