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441 Fall 2021

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Welcome to the Wiki for EECS 441 Fall 2021.


Professor: Elliot Soloway - soloway441@gmail.com

  •  IA for section 1: Rudhik Shah, rudhshah@umich.edu
  •  IA for section 2: Sean Lu, seanlu@umich.edu



1. To edit this wiki, just click the edit button at the top of any page.  As you'll be adding presentations and projects to this wiki so everyone can see your work, and so that the instructional staff can grade it. If you do not post your work to this wiki, it will not receive a grade. 


NOTE: the items in BLUE/BOLD are newly posted


2. Important Links:

Wiki: https://tinyurl.com/441fall2021wiki

Syllabus: 441fall2021 Syllabus V2.pdf

Class Schedule:  441fall2021 Class Schedule v21.pdf  Posted: 11/19, 11:31pm

Piazza URL:

Daily Participation Spreadsheet

Leave of Absence Form: https://tinyurl.com/n5pfuv8t 

BEFORE CLASS, Please Upload Your Company Analysis Presentations: 

BEFORE Class on Dec 6/8 - Please UPLOAD your Assignment/Preso #5 





Forms for Each Section: 


3. Team Numbers and Emails

Section 1

Group # App Name Team Email Address
1 AppTrack divvify441@umich.edu
2 Ann Arbar theannarbar@umich.edu
3 Household Homies household.homies@umich.edu
4 ValueRadar ValueRadar@umich.edu
5 ColorCode ColorCode@umich.edu
6 Rezzo team-rezzo@umich.edu
7 Gas Up Mobile gasupmobile@umich.edu
8 Spotify Connect spotify-connect@umich.edu
9 News Crawler newscrawler@umich.edu


Section 2

Group # App Name Team Email Address


Hong Bao (formerly drowZ) drowz-watch@umich.edu
2 Contactless contactless@umich.edu
3 Tabby teamtabby@umich.edu
4 Bop (formerly BeepBop) BeepBop441@umich.edu
5 QuikApply infiniteloop@umich.edu
6 Lift with Friends (formerly Intervals) intervals@umich.edu


Personal Growth personalgrowth@umich.edu
8 EasyReadPDF easy-read-pdf@umich.edu
9 Find My Food
10 Money Savior MoneySavior@umich.edu
11 LeaseMatch EECS441-return0@umich.edu





Due: Sept 8 - Apps are Dead?

Due: Sept 15- Persona 

Due Sept 17 - MVP Readings

Due Oct 6 - Innovator's Dilemma

innovators_dilemma chapter one

Due Oct 13 - Various articles about change

1 13 review Apples new iPhone isnt radically different but.pdf

2 nytimes.com-Apple iPhone 13 Review The Most Incremental Upgrade Ever.pdf

3 nytimes.com-Smartphones May Be Too Good.pdf

4 nytimes.com-Its Possible to Be Too Rich.pdf

5 nytimes.com-Smartphones Won We Can Ignore Them.pdf

6 On Tech -Spending is Big Techs superpower.pdf

7 nytimes.com-Big Tech Has Outgrown This Planet.pdf

Due Oct 20 - Moore's Law

1 50 Years of Morre's Law - VIdeo + Graph.pdf

2 NYTIMES opinion_thomas-friedman-moor.pdf

3 technologyreview.com-Were not prepared for the end of Moores Law (2).pdf

4 Moore's Law is Dead.pdf  

Optional: Transistors Could Stop Shrinking in 2021.pdf  

 Optional: economist.com-Samsung Electronics wants to dominate cutting-edge chipmaking.pdf

Due Oct 25 Agile Programming

1 What is Agile Software Development.pdf

2 Scrum-FAQ.pdf

Due Oct 27 - Persona Interviewing Techniques

shopify.com-How to Conduct a User Interview That Actually Uncovers Valuable Insights.pdf


Why How and When to Utilize Usability Testing.pdf

Due Nov 3, Mythical-Man Month (MMM)

1-Mythical Man-Month Preface +Ch 1.pdf

Due Nov 8, MMM

MMM Chapters 2+4 Mythical Man-Month Brooks.pdf

Mythical-Man Month: + No Silver Bullet  - MUST READ the "No Silver Bullet" paper! 


No Silver Bullet Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering.pdf

Due Nov 17 - Crossing the Chasm

Preface, Intro, Chapter1Crossing-The-Chasm Preface + Intro +Ch1.pdf

Due Nov 19 - Crossing the Chasm

Last ChapterCrossing-The-Chasm LastChapter.pdf 

OPTIONALOPTIONAL Crossing-The-Chasm ch2.pdf

OPTIONALOPTIONAL Crossing-The-Chasm ch3.pdf

OPTIONALCrossing-The-Chasm WHOLEBOOK.pdf

Due Nov 29 - Quantum Computers

nytimes.com-Quantum Computing Is Coming Bit by Qubit (1) (1).pdf

extremetech.com-How Does Quantum Computing Work (1).pdf

Due Dec 1 - Marc Andreessen

Why Software Is Eating the World Marc Andreessen.pdf

Optional 1 A look inside the insanely successful life of investor Marc Andreessen.pdf

Optional 2 The Man Who Makes the Future_ Wired Icon 2 Marc Andreessen _ Wired Business.pdf


4. What you need to do on this Wiki (Class Rules are from the Syllabus)

  • Class Rule 5: Every team will post their project info at the appropriate URL – see above. Go to that URL, click “edit” and it will say you need to request permission to edit – so, quick and request it. You will be granted permission within 24 hours. Probably.  
  • Class Rule 6: Create a page for your group/app on the wiki. Link that page to the info in "Group Pages"
  • Class Rule 7: Before the day of your company presentation, embed your presentation slides on the respective company presentation slides page.






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