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Group Pages 4:30 Section W2020

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Please create a page for your group and application, using the following template: Example App. All presentations, artifacts, etc. will be posted to the page you create to receive credit.


You will need to create a group name that will also be used as a mailing list. Go to http://directory.umich.edu and register a mailing list with all of your group members. This will be our primary method of communication with your group.


Please post under the appropriate category (you may move categories at a later date if necessary) below, and please use the following format on this page

(to see an example, please visit: http://tinyurl.com/ycjow5mt):

  • PROJECT_name: Short description of the application
    • <TEAM_NAME@umich.edu> = Group Member 1, Group Member 2, Group Member 3 



  • HppyHr: iOS App that provides a condensed way of finding Happy Hours in Ann Arbor
    • happyhappy@umich.edu = Kyle VanSpronsen, Josh Liddle, Kevin Tarta, Alex Eisenstein
  • Slab: An iOS App that allows rock climbing gym employees to digitally design rock climbing routes
    • slab-squad@umich.edu = Justin Hsu, Robert Hong, Sidney Grace, Taylor Carpenter 
  • Hoppin: An iOS App that allows residents of high-rise buildings and dorms collaboratively order food.
    • GrouperEats@umich.edu = Armind Chahal, Sage Renstrom-Richards, Samarth Sarin 
  • Streamability: An iOS that provides simple access to horror movie information and streamer searching
    • streamability@umich.edu = Tianchi Zhang, Luke Tsuhara, Safal Bora 
  • CirclePay: An iOS App that allows students to keep track of their budget
    • circlepay@umich.edu = Junyi Zhang, Zhenyang Gong, Palash Kanwar 




  • Best-Bite: An Android App that provides customized dining hall experiences for Umich students
    • best-bite@umich.edu = Boyang Xu, Yunjia Xu, Yuxuan Luo



Web App:


  • ShoezNext: An Web App that helps online shoe buyers to find the next pair of well-fitted shoes with one shot.
    • ShoezNext@umich.edu = Jiayu Yi, Youwen Zhu, Zekun Li, Songnie Wu  
  • StudyMates: A web app that finds a study partner based on your working preferences
    • StudyMates@umich.edu = Yeonsoo Kwon, Sai Canchi, Runyu Ding   



(Google Assistant Add-On Action):


(Alexa Skill): 


(Chrome Extension):

  • MScheduler: A chrome extension to help UM students avoid impossible schedules on schedule builder.
    • mscheduler@umich.edu = Joshua Spalter, Tyler Ziemke, Trevor Tingley
  • PhishNet: Preventing URL email phishing with a seamlessly integrated Chrome Extension.
    • lets-go-phishing@umich.edu = Rosie Van Alsburg, Emily Kuhn, Pramat Batra 
  • PicYourWord: A chrome extension that helps science students learn vocabulary by visualizing words in just one click.
    • pic-ur-word@umich.edu = Zhongfu Bai, Xinyi Ge, Julie Wang 
  • Screencap Search: A chrome extension that allows you to take a screenshot and perform a reverse image search in as little as two clicks.
    • screencapshare@umich.edu = Ethan Mook, Steve Xu, Jiachen He
  • Cal.Me: A chrome extension to help busy U of M students find their availability more efficiently.
    • cal.meinc@umich.edu = Harry Silverman, Vidur Prasad, Andres Echeverria  
  • YouTuBlock : A chrome extension to help YouTube addicts to stop procrastinating.
    • youtublock@umich.edu = Wendan Jiang, Yulin Hu, Yujing Zhong 


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