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Group Pages 3:00 Section W2020

Page history last edited by Kevin Schnitzer 3 years, 8 months ago

Please create a page for your group and application, using the following template: Example App. All presentations, artifacts, etc. will be posted to the page you create to receive credit.


You will need to create a group name that will also be used as a mailing list. Go to http://directory.umich.edu and register a mailing list with all of your group members. This will be our primary method of communication with your group.


Please post under the appropriate category (you may move categories at a later date if necessary) below, and please use the following format on this page

(to see an example, please visit: http://tinyurl.com/ycjow5mt):

  • PROJECT_name: Short description of the application
    • <TEAM_NAME@umich.edu> = Group Member 1, Group Member 2, Group Member 3 




Cutting Corners: Finds the quickest route between all your daily stops

     cutting-corners@umich.edu = Jared Grimes, Joseph DiNoble, Max Bartnitski, Peter Mascheroni


BillShare: Easy bill splitting with friends

     billshare@umich.edu = Kevin Fietsam, Austin Haag, Kirtana Choragudi


Parata: IOS and cross-platform app to keep friends connected.

     parata.app@umich.edu = Alice Liu, Yara El-Tawil, Alex Alajbegović


AuxQ: iOS app that gives users ability to create public music queues

     eecsavengers@umich.edu = Nikki Duran, Gautham Ravi, Rama Somayajula


SocialCard: An easy way to share all your social media profiles

     social-card@umich.edu = Daniyal Mistry, Garrett Folbe, Aaron Keller 


Hanger: IOS app that helps college students buy, sell, and donate clothes

     hanger441@umich.edu = Bryce Caro, Haram Yang, Nina Zhang






Web App: 

CarpoolCruise: A web app that provides carpooling for umich students

    CarpoolCruise@umich.edu = Gerik Guo, Raiaan Valli, Tianji Cong


SkippOH: A web app to skip Office Hours by connecting students to help each other

     skippoh441@umich.edu = Ryan Obear, Andrew Zhou, Dominic Xavier     





(Google Assistant Add-On Action):


(Alexa Skill): 

Speakeasy: A hands-free way to study 

     speakeasy@umich.edu = David Schindler, Masha Koubenski, Matthew Qemo


(Chrome Extension):

Golden Retrievers: TDB

   Golden-Retrievers@umich.edu = Calan Ferguson, Seungwon Lee,  Mary-Kate Lynch


MCExtender: A chrome extension that recommends related news articles.

     MCExtender@umich.edu = Lan Ying, Darran Abkenar, Zach Prindle, Kevin Schnitzer 


AtAGlance: One step closer to finding your perfect classes through information data on the LSA course guide

     at-a-glance@umich.edu = Brian Domanski, Johnny Yang, Michael Klettner


Serious Deadline: A chrome extension that automatically tracks deadlines in your email 

     SeriousDeadline@umich.edu = Lixiong He, Baozheng Hu, Youchen Zhao, Zhiqing Rao


CarbonFree: A chrome extension that efficiently calculates the mode of transportation that has the smallest carbon footprint

     any-group@umich.edu = Alizeh Fatima, Nicole Feygin, and Yoshiki Yamamoto


Focus: A chrome extension to alert too much time you spend on selected apps and time report. Possible for an iOS unlock feature.

     aa-west80@umich.edu = Linxiao Wu, Yige Liu, Xin Wang



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