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441 Fall 2019

Page history last edited by Cathie Norris 4 years, 8 months ago

Welcome to the Wiki for EECS 441 Fall 2019.


Professor: Elliot Soloway - soloway@umich.edu

GSI : Renzhong Lu - lurz@umich.edu 


1. To edit this wiki, just click the edit button at the top of any page. The first time you go to edit the wiki you'll have to request access. Please do so sooner than later, as you'll be adding presentations and projects to this wiki so everyone can see your work, and so that the instructional staff can grade it. If you do not post your work to this wiki, it will not receive a grade. 


NOTE: the items in BLUE/BOLD are newly posted


2. Important Links:


Guest Presos:


Examples of Peer Comments:






3. What you need to do on this Wiki (Class Rules are from the Syllabus)

  • Class Rule 5: Every team will post their project info at the appropriate URL – see above. Go to that URL, click “edit” and it will say you need to request permission to edit – so, quick and request it. You will be granted permission within 24 hours. Probably.  
  • Class Rule 6: Create a page for your group/app on the wiki. Link that page to the info in "Group Pages"
  • Class Rule 7: Before the day of your company presentation, embed your presentation slides on the respective company presentation slides page.




Class Activities:

  • Take the Myers-Briggs Test:

When answering the questions, assume you are "at work."  You will understand that statement as you respond to the questions in the survey:



Enter your 4-letter, Myers-Briggs type:

Section 3:00 - https://forms.gle/NxA5NF6FtB4nwucy8



Section 4:30 - https://forms.gle/P21wrQUqDnGrHfjw8





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