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Group mailing list:  teammyhealth@umich.edu


Group Members:

Member 1 - Akshay Kavthekar, akshayvk@umich.edu

Member 2 - Tanvir Singh, tanvirs@umich.edu

Member 3 - Deeptanshu Singhvi, dsinghvi@umich.edu


App platform: iPhone/iOS


App description: A personal health record manager that allows users to scan their reports to populate their medical history.


Screenshots: (you'll post screenshots here for your final demo, only insert photos directly don't link them)


Design Presentation:  

MVP Presentation: Embed ppt/pptx presentation.

Final Presentation: Embed ppt/pptx presentation


2 ways to embed:

  1. ppt/pptx: Upload your presentation to www.slideshare.net. When viewing your slideshow, click on the share button (two arrows emerging upwards from a single point) and copy the embed code. On the wiki, click Insert>HTML/Javascript and paste the embed code.
  2. Google Doc: On the Google doc click the arrow "share" in the upper right corner and click "publish/embed". Copy the embed code. On the wiki, click Insert>HTML/JavaScript and paste the embed code. 





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