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Group Pages 3:00 Section W2017

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Please create a page for your group and application, using the following template: Example App. All presentations, artifacts, etc. will be posted to the page you create to receive credit.


You will need to create a group name that will also be used as a mailing list. Go to http://directory.umich.edu and register a mailing list with all of your group members. This will be our primary method of communication with your group.


Please post under the appropriate category (you may move categories at a later date if necessary) below, and please use the following format on this page:

  • Example App - Short description of the application
    • <group_email@umich.edu> - Group Member 1, Group Member 2, Group Member 3 



  • StudyUs - Location-based group studying platform
    • <studyus441@umich.edu> - Kevin Ni, Samidha Visai, Tiberiu Vilcu
  • Loop - A mobile shopping destination for millennials tailored towards video content creators and consumers
    • <teamsg441@umich.edu> - Katherine Liu, Sherwyn Poon, Tianyi Liu, Yidan Liu 
  • Apparate - Cross-platform file sharing app
    • <apparate-441@umich.edu> - Kevin Shah, Omkar Moghe, Manav Gabhawala
  • myHealth - Personal medical record manager that allows users to scan reports to populate history
    • <teammyHealth@umich.edu> - Akshay Kavthekar, Tanvir Singh, Deeptanshu Singhvi 
  • Brew4U - Allowing users to explore their tastes in beer with personalized recommendations
    • <drink-manager@umich.edu> - Connor Coughlin, Richard Wu, Zach Finkbeiner 
  •  MerlinPix - Provides solutions and step-by-step help to handwritten math problems.
    • <MerlinPowerfulWizard@umich.edu> - Yu-En Tung, Ben Jen, Patrick Renner
  • Vescle - We want to be the first and only place you look to consume media
    • <one-feed-441@umich.edu> -  Dominic Muzzin, Jonathan Sussman, Chris Hwang 



  • Fappy Bird - New and exciting mobile game
    • <MFappyBird@umich.edu> - Albert Gang, Cary Huang, Daniel MINGEE Kang
  • Meal Mediator - A mobile app that helps you and your friends figure out the best place to eat
    • <mealmediator@umich.edu> - Ethan Bledsoe, Tyler Finateri, Alex Intner, Joe Reinhard  
  • LiftMeUp - Track your mental health and connect to your friends when you need it
    • <liftmeup17@umich.edu> - Wilson Mullen, Moe Ahmad, Tahmid Hasan





  • Suitable - Our application helps consumers shop online without wasting time
    • socialimpacters@umich.edu - Emily Jablonski, Charles Kowalec, Caitlin Short  
  • Findr - Application to reunite lost items with their rightful owners.
    • findr-app@umich.edu - Preetom Chakraborty, Ryan Barna, Todd Goodall 


  • Herald - Reads and summarizes news and other important information to you in the morning
    • <eecs441withalexa@umich.edu> - Aryaman Naik, Shiv Ghai, Bailey Berro, Caroline Gluck
  • MBus Voice - An Alexa skill that allows Ann Arbor residents to simply ask when the next bus will be coming. 
    • <441MBusVoice@umich.edu> - Malhar Pandhare, Mike McGookey, Jon Pugh  
  • Break - An assistant that will keep you happy, healthy and sane while computing
    • <Break Team Email> - <Break Team Members> (this was incorrectly listed as the MBusVoice info)



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